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We offer full days and half days of supervised play for our daycare dogs! A half day is less than 5 hours, and a full day is anything over 5 1/2 hours. Let your pup come play in our gianormous outdoor play space and huge indoor space! The indoor space is climate controlled and the outdoor space is... well, like a football field! Dogs of all sizes get to stretch their legs and play safely on the outdoor K-9 Grass. We do have a "little's" play space if you would like your little dog to be separated from the big dogs! The rate for a Full Day is $30 and a Half Day is $20. We also have daycare passes you can purchase! The more days in the pass, the less the daily rate will be! 

Overnight Boarding

Our Overnight Boarding is all about comfort! All suites have a full glass front and come equipped with a comfy cot and cozy blanket! The suites are specifically designed to help reduce stress and anxiety! Want your pup to have extra human time before bed? Sign them up for our nightly Story Time and Snack. This luxurious add on allows your pup to snuggle with us and get all the loving' they need before we tuck them in for the night! Let your dog have the comfort of his own home in our Cage Free boarding room! The Hollywood Theatre features extra snuggle time, a hound movie, and space... lots and lots of space!

Boarding packages start out at $50/night! Cage Free is $100/night!

All boarding dogs are let out to play in the daycare group during the day!

Outdoor Excursions

Life is short...let us take your dog for an outdoor excursion!

All excursions are done on a harness and leash; unless the parent specifies otherwise! 

We offer Walks, Runs, Hikes, and One on One Time or Fetch. Most walks and runs are done on the Boise Greenbelt. Most hikes are done in the Boise Foothills. 




Spa Services

Got rats in your tail?! We will brush them out for you. 

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