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Hello! My name is Rio and House of Hounds is my very own playground! I have been attending daycare since I was only 4 months old. My mom drives me there very early every morning. I used to not be a morning pup until now. I like it when I am the first dog there.  That way I can inspect everything before anyone else... I get to sniff butts first, and I leave my mark when it needs to be left. The humans always spray my mark off with the water hose... I don't understand why. Sometimes I follow them around and try to show the water who's boss, but I don't think I ever win. I just shake off my soaked fur and find a furriend to play with! I have lots of furriends!! All different sizes too.  We all get to hang out in the same play space.  I like that because then I get to play with Lila Bugs.  She's a little Chihuahua and one of my very first playmates! I never met a dog who could run so fast! I used to have lunch during my day but now I'm officially a big boy. Which means I have more time for playing! I play all day long with all of my favorite furriends. We play keep away with the nylabones and sometimes we even get to play fetch with the dog balls. I love to play fetch! All the humans that play with us are so nice too. They give me loves all day and sometimes they even put me on a leash and walk me around. That makes me feel special and I strut a little bit in front of my furriends. I always take a nap in the warm sun in the middle of the day.  Zzz's are good for your health! At the end of the day Mom comes and picks me up. We go home, eat dinner, and lounge on the couch. Before long I am falling asleep dreaming of my next exciting day at HoH!


So listen up guys and gals, normally my days at home start with rounding my human out of bed so I can get to those treats ASAP. I pretend it's all about her and by the time she gets up, I have her cup of coffee ready and I'm sitting conveniently by the treat drawer. You can imagine that doing this every day can get a little tedious so sometimes I need a break from my everyday life with my mom. For my breaks, it's written into my contract (I have a great beagle lawyer) that I must stay at the House of Hounds for some R & R. 


Now, first of all, I stay in the House of Hollywood room, I know, I know, my human mom spoils me, but I gotta tell ya, this place is where Frank Sinatra's dogs would stay if they lived here, and he LOVED his dogs. Nightly movies all cuddled up with humans who are totally into me and lounging around on giant pillows with no cats. I also get to go on an excursion every day to a different nature place in Boise which keeps me fit and trim at this ripe old age of 11! The bomb! But, I gotta stay busy, so I like to pad around with all the amazing House of Hounds humans and help them do their jobs. You know, make sure all the other dogs get their treats and that all the other doggie guests play nice. Sometimes, I just pop in to see Brenda to see if she needs any help with the filing. I've lived all over the world - Paris, Rome, London, and Amsterdam - and stayed in a lot of Doggie getaways, but House of Hounds really gets me. Plus I always look so great in my selfies on their Instagram feed. It makes me happy my mom doesn't worry about me when she is off working hard. Come to think of it, I am more like the Senior House of Hounds Ambassador. Now, where's my bone? 

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