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Daycare 'n Train

Designed with dogs and their owners in mind, our unique Daycare and Train program cultivates dogs that are truly tuned in to their owners. Engagement, motivation, positive reinforcement, and active owner participation are at the heart of the program. Working one-on-one each week with your trainer, you will practice new skills to strengthen your communication and your bond with your dog. 


Experience Motivation-Based Training, where we shape, motivate, and reward desired behaviors, allowing them to replace undesired ones. This comprehensive approach goes beyond obedience "tricks," as we understand that dogs who engage with and comprehend their owners become more focused and responsive in all aspects of their lives. 

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Jen, Seth and Domino

[We] have had the great pleasure of working with Chase as part of the Training Program.

Our dog, Domino, just loves him and the entire team at Hounds!

Chase spent time training Dom at the facility and then also took him to Home Depot, explored downtown and walked the greenbelt and Ann Morrison Park which helped him continue to socialize and learn his commands.

The in-person sessions we had with Chase were great too and helped us understand how best to communicate and support Domino with positive reinforcement.

Dom also learned some cool new tricks like 'Stick 'em Up' that have been a real hit among our friends and store checkout clerks!

Mindi and Locksley

My one year old dog, Locksley, recently completed the House of Hounds Daycare 'n Train program when it was in the pilot stage and it was a fantastic experience. Chase, Locksley's trainer, worked diligently with him - Locksley immediately trusted him and they made solid progress very quickly. Locksley had some of the basics already down before he started, but all of his basic commands were enhanced & reinforced through this program along with the new commands and skills he learned. 


My biggest struggle and one of the main reasons I sought training for Locksley was leash pulling on walks & hikes. Over the course of the program, Locksley has learned to pull so much less and walks very well on a transitional leash. His recall has also greatly improved.


Another favorite aspect of the program is that the trainers work with the dogs off & on throughout the day, including taking them on walks downtown, to dog-friendly stores, and to parks to get them used to listening in various settings with distractions, while also allowing the dogs to have free play time with the other dogs in daycare that day. The trainers also take the time to meet regularly with the owners to go over training accomplishments, demonstrate how to work with commands, and any special communication needs that your dog may benefit from. I love that they are force-free and fear-free - the focus is on positive rewards and strengthening the owner's communication and bond with their dog. 


It was a really positive experience. I highly recommend the House of Hounds Daycare 'n Train program (so does Locksley)!

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