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House of Hounds is the perfect place for your dog to socialize, learn and have fun while you’re at work or out of town. Our daycare, boarding, and daycare and train services are complemented by grooming and enrichment upgrades, designed to make your pup’s stay more comfortable and enjoyable. Trust us to take care of your furry friend while you take care of business.

Overnight Lodging



Our Overnight Lodging is all about comfort! All suites have a full glass front and come equipped with a comfy cot and cozy blanket! The suites are specifically designed to help reduce stress and anxiety! Want your pup to have extra human time before bed? Sign them up for our nightly Snacks n' Snuggles or a Kong Treat. This luxurious add on allows your pup to snuggle with us and get all the loving' they need before we tuck them in for the night! 

All boarding dogs get to play in the daycare group during the day! 

$65 per night
*Peak Demand: $75 per night

Purchase packages to get bigger discounts!

**Daycare is group play

Unsure which pass you need? Send us a message!



We offer full days and half days of supervised play for our daycare dogs! A half day is less than 5 hours and a full day is anything over 5 hours. Let your pup come play in our gianormous outdoor play space and huge indoor space! The indoor space is climate controlled and the outdoor space is... well, like a football field! Dogs of all sizes get to stretch their legs and play safely on the outdoor K-9 Grass. We also have a "Low-key & Littles" play space if you would like your low-key or little dog to be seperated from the big dogs! We also have daycare passes & monthly membership options available. The more days included in the pass, the lower your rate per visit will be!

Half day: $28
Full day: $35
*Half day is under 5 hours, Full day is 5+ hours

Daycare 'n Train


Ask us about Training options today! Our unique Daycare and Train program cultivates dogs that are truly tuned in to their owners. Engagement, motivation, positive reinforcement, and active owner participation are at the heart of the program. Working one-on-one each week with your trainer, you will practice new skills to strengthen your communication and your bond with your dog.

*Ask us about our specials!

Daycare Passes

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All excursions are done on a harness and leash; unless the parent specifies otherwise! Most walks are done on the Boise Greenbelt or surrounding parks.


Most hikes are done in the Boise Foothills (Camelsback, Table Rock, etc...)


Let us treat your pup to some One on One Play time with their favorite toy or game!


Cuddles with your pup and a little bit of dessert before bed


Peanut butter, Pumpkin or Yogurt-filled


A work of art done by the birthday boy/girl themselves, extra treats throughout the day, birthday pictures for parents and a doggie bag of treats to take home with them!



Price varies depending on coat thickness/length and dog size


Utilizing Dremel and/or clippers



What Our Clients Say


Debbie and Ellie

My yorkie was so excited to be greeted by the friendly staff. More importantly, she was acting as if she enjoyed her time there. One clue, she has never eaten her food like she did at House of Hounds. Ellie went back to one of the staff to be petted after I set her down upon checking her out from her stay. Not worrying about my pet while I was gone was a great comfort. I am absolutely boarding her there for my next trip.
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