Adoption Opportunities


Oliver is looking for his furever home! This six-year-old pitbull is currently on a diet and exercise plan to get his summer bod back. Oliver is vaccinated, neutered, and house-trained. He is very friendly with strangers, and super affectionate with his people, resting on or against them and backing it up for scratches and rubs! At home, when not relaxing in a cozy place or right by your side, Oliver LIVES for fetch and tug, but is still learning to drop toys so the fun can resume (he is very food-motivated and will happily give anything up for a treat!). He is very comfortable in the car and enjoys being outside, whether sunbathing in the backyard or going for walks on the greenbelt or up in the hills. His leash etiquette is improving with practice and he settles into a fairly loose–leash walk for most stretches of his walks and hikes. He is interested in passersby, but non-reactive, preferring to sniff the trees than chase the bicycles. Oliver is selective with other dogs, but is curious, comfortable and playful with individual dogs and small groups.