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  • When is checkout time for boarding?
    Checkout time is 10AM After 10AM, a $28 Late Checkout Fee will be applied.
  • Do you provide bedding, bowls, toys, etc...?
    We do provide bedding, bowls (including slow feeders!) and have a variety of toys for the dogs to play with in small groups or a one-on-one basis. * Don't want your dogs to play with toys? Let us know! ** Play with toys is always supervised.
  • Do you have cameras?
    Yes – we have three cameras and they active 6 hours a day! They automatically turn off around meal times and overnight.
  • Can you administer medicine or does it cost extra?
    We have highly trained staff that is responsible for administering medication and it does not cost extra – please feel free to reach out with any questions/for further clarity. * There may be some exceptions - please contact us to confirm we can meet you and your doggos' needs.
  • What are the drop-off and pick-up hours?
    Weekdays (Monday-Friday): 7AM-7PM Weekends (Saturday and Sunday): 8AM-Noon; 2PM-7PM * Please note, our lobby is closed Noon-2PM on Saturday and Sunday
  • What are the vaccination requirements?
    Up-to-date vaccinations for: Bordetella, Distemper Parvo and Rabies.
  • What are the behavior requirements?
    Our facility is group-play so your pup will have to be comfortable in the group-play environment. Still unsure? Schedule your Meet and Greet with us today!
  • I want to get my dog in for daycare/boarding - what are the requirements?
    Step 1: Does your dog meet the requirements below? Over 12 months, they are required to be spayed/neutered. Current on three immunizations: Bordetella, Distemper Parvo (DHP/DHLPP) and Rabies. Step 2: Fill out our Online Registration Form (From there, you'll build out a profile for yourself as well as each of your dogs; you can book the Meet and Greet/Boarding/Daycare at your leisure) Step 3: Meet and Greet The Meet and Greet will entail a brief tour of the facility for you; then you will leave your little love(s) with us for 3-4 hours - this will give us time to get to know them and their temperament. It will also give them an opportunity to get comfortable here and get to know our Handlers. Meet and Greets are typically scheduled M-F noon-2pm (for dropoff and your brief tour) Important to note: the M&G is complimentary :) Step 4: Book your daycare and boarding at your leisure through our online portal! :) Call/text/email if you require any additional assistance!
  • What are the requirements for dogs being fixed (spayed/neutered)?
    We require our pups over 12 months old to be neutered or spayed.
  • What is the Daycare and Train schedule?
    Three times a week for four weeks, your dog will receive comprehensive training while enjoying a stimulating daycare environment. Our two dedicated trainers will work both on-site and in distraction-rich settings to ensure consistent progress throughout the day for a mentally fulfilled dog.
  • What are the requirements for Daycare and Train?
    Same requirements for a House of Hounds Meet and Greet Spayed/Neutered after 12 months Pup is comfortable in the group play environment Current on vaccinations (Bordetella, Distemper Parvo and Rabies) Consultation with Trainer Deposit paid
  • Why Is Basic Obedience Training important?
    Training informs your pet of the ground rules of good behavior and strengthens your bond with them as well as helps them become a happier member of your family. Consistency is key which is why we work with dogs AND their owners throughout the program. Your participation is key for program success When you and your dog mutually understand each other and the expectations, your pet's quality of life only increases. By the end of this program, dogs and their owners will have a system of communication to set them both up for a life of continual learning and bonding.
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